Steel Edging

Steel edging has become extremely popular in the landscaping world. It is a great, versatile product that comes in two different finishes. The Straight Curve steel edging that we supply here at Tauro Turf comes in a galvanised and weathering finish. The weathering finish does just as the name suggests, and quickly weathers with water, creating a nice rusted, textured look. The earthy colour of this edging is sure to compliment the earthy colours of a landscape, providing a beautiful, natural appearance. Not only does it look amazing, but it is strong enough to retain varying levels of sand, meaning it can be used for raised sections and garden beds. To achieve the ideal result, only a few tools and experience are required. 

Specs on Steel

Our Flexline steel edging comes in heights ranging from 75mm to 560mm. The Hardline edging comes in 100mm and150mm heights. These products come in lengths of 2200mm and 2160mm. Flexline is a great divider between non-invasive grasses, gravel, woodchips, mulch, paving and artificial grass. Hardline provides a barrier for invasive grasses and can be used to create a raised feature bed or low retainer. Straight Curve edging packs come with one length of edging plus fixings. Straight Curve doesn’t need joiners as the design allows two lengths to be joined by hooking one over the other. Two joined lengths can then be secured with Tek screws.

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