Aluminium Edging

Aluminium edging is affordable, lightweight, and weather resistant so it won’t rust outside. It has many benefits! It doesn’t rust, crack, fade, develop sharp edges or need painting.

Curved Aluminium Garden edging

Linkedge Flexline

We supply the Linkedge Flexline which is an L-shaped aluminium edge that is very versatile to work with. It’s flexibility enables it to be installed as a straight or curved edge, giving the freedom to create perfect garden beds, no matter their shape.

Straight aluminium edging separating areas

Dividing Artificial Grass

Aluminium edging is also perfect for dividing artificial grass on the verge boundary from neighbouring real grass by creating an overall seamless appearance. The LinkEdge system employs aluminium lengths that may be connected with straight or corner connectors to create a continuous edge around your garden or lawn.

For more information on our aluminium edging and prices have a look at our price list.

Aluminium garden edging with artificial grass and rainbow stone

Specs on Aluminium

Our aluminium edging comes in 3m lengths and are 75mm high so it can be very versatile to adapt to your garden. One 3m length requires 3-4 spikes. The spikes used are 300mm and the spike guides help to hold the edging in place. The Link Edge edging can be joined using a Fish plate connector for straight joins, or a right-angled corner joiner.

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