Artificial Grass Installation Accessories

If you’re a trade or DIY installation customer, we have you covered. We stock all the accessories you need to install your Tauro Turf artificial grass.

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u-shape pegs for artificial grassinstalling u-shape pegs

150mm U-Shape Pegs for Artificial Grass

50 pack for $17
100 pack for $30

Installation tips:

Pegs are 150mm long and should be placed at around 300mm intervals around the perimeter of the area as well as down the length of joins, with one prong on either side of the join. Even where joining tape is used, u-shaped pegs need to be used to hold the turf together and in place. The shape of the pegs allows holding distribution along the straight top against the backing of the artificial grass, as well as spreading across two joining pieces of turf.

Be sure to move the blades of the artificial grass out of the way as you hammer the turf pegs in so they sit against the backing without pinning down the blades. This will ensure that the pegs are covered and can’t be seen from the top.

U-shape pegs are effective for installation into compacted cracker dust. Installing into sand will not provide the same result. Installing where there is concrete, such as concrete footings close to house walls or concrete haunching along a paved edge, will result in the pegs bending. Remove the peg and install as close to the edge as possible.

straight nails for artificial grass

140mm Straight Nails for Artificial Grass

90 pack for $25

Installation tips:

Straight nails can be installed as an alternative to U-shape turf pegs around the perimeter. If installing down joins, install a line of nails down either side of the join. Nails may be more effective when installing onto a substrate where larger aggregate may be present as they are less likely to bend while hammering.

joining tape for artificial grassinstalling joining tape

10m x 150mm Self-Adhesive Cloth Joining Tape

10m length $22

Installation tips:

Joining tape can be used along joins to discourage weed growth in the gap between two pieces of artificial grass, and to help reduce visibility of the join.

Once you are happy with the placement of the grass and the join, mark the centre of the join by scoring the cracker dust underneath. Flip the edges of the artificial grass over along the join to reveal the scored line. Unroll a length of joining tape down the centre of the join with the paper backing facing up, cutting to length, and secure the tape at either end using turf pegs.

Remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive. Starting at one end, carefully flip both edges of the grass back over and onto the tape simultaneously, working your way down the length of the join like a zipper. Be careful to not let the grass blades touch the adhesive. Having a second person behind you to stop the entire grass piece flip back over at once may be helpful. Apply pressure to the join to make sure it is thoroughly stuck to the backing of the grass. Hammer turf pegs along the join.

Joining tape

Aluminium Butyl Tape with Split Paper Backing

10m length $30

Installation tips:

Aluminium joining tape has a strong butyl adhesive. The split backing means one side of the adhesive can be exposed and then one piece of grass adhered. The second piece of turf can then be flipped back into place, and then the second side of the paper backing can be pulled out from underneath the grass. This makes joining the grass easier to do alone.

infill sand

25kg Artificial Grass Infill Sand (Kiln-Dried Silica Sand)

25kg bag $11

Installation tips:

We recommend approximately one bag per 10sqm of turf. Silica sand is a very dry, fine sand with rounded and semi-rounded particles. Applied evenly over artificial grass, it disappears into the base of the grass blades and sits on the artificial grass backing. Infill sand weighs the grass down and can reduce the crunching sound of the artificial grass backing against the cracker dust substrate. It may also help support the artificial grass blades at the backing level, although our thick landscape turfs also have a curly thatch layer that aids the grass in springing back up when compressed. 

Turfresh artificial grass cleaner deodoriser

Turfresh - Artificial Grass Deodoriser

Turfresh is a bio-enzymatic formula made up of microbes that consume the smelly urea crystals found in urine. The colony of microbes begins ingesting the urine crystals found in the artificial grass, converting the smelly crystals into water and carbon dioxide (an odorless gas). This process eliminates the smell instead. Turfresh contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe to use around humans and animals.

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