Maintaining and Caring for your Artificial Grass

Maintaining and Caring for your Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is extremely low maintenance compared to real grass, however there are a few things you might like to do to keep your grass looking like the day it was first installed. Read on to learn more about how you can best care for your Tauro Turf.

Will weeds grow through my artificial grass?

Installation of artificial grass dramatically reduces weeds and is significantly more weed-resistant than real grass. This is one of the great benefits of choosing artificial grass, as fewer weeds mean less time and maintenance. The robust material and design of the latex backing on our turf can be very effective in preventing weeds from growing through. However, an enthusiastic weed might find its way up through one of the drainage holes punched in the backing of the turf. You may also find weeds growing around the perimeter of the area or along any joins in the turf. These weeds can easily and quickly be removed by hand. Alternatively, a Glyphosate product such as RoundUp prevents weeds from making the proteins they need to grow, and it will not damage your artificial grass.

Cleaning Artificial Turf

Occasionally you will notice debris will land on your turf from nearby overhanging trees. Regularly removing large leaves and debris off your grass will help keep it looking clean. These large pieces can be removed by using a rake or a brush and for smaller pieces a leaf blower may be a more efficient method. Regular raking or brushing the lawn will also help to redistribute the blades so your lawn appears as good as new. Occasionally hosing down the grass can also keep it looking clean by getting rid of any dust and dirt.

Can I use chemicals on my grass?

Make sure to avoid using corrosive chemicals near your artificial turf. Harsh cleaners as well as most corrosive chemicals when used on artificial turf can cause lasting damage. Additionally, if organic materials are left to breakdown, they release harmful, corrosive chemicals. So, removing organic materials, such as leaves, dead bugs, food from bird feeders and animal faeces is important to protect your turf. It is best to keep up with regularly raking your grass so that these organic materials aren't left to breakdown and cause damage.

What if I spill something on my grass?

If you do happen to spill something on your turf or notice a stain, you should clean it immediately. Cleaning the area as soon as possible will prevent the mess from setting and causing lasting damage. Pick up as much of the mess as you can and for any liquid, use a towel to soak it up. Then simply hose down the area to rinse it off. If you get something sticky like tree sap on the grass, the easiest way to get it off without spreading, is to freeze it and peel it off once it has hardened. This is the most efficient way which avoids harsh chemicals that could leave irreversible damage to your artificial lawn.

Is Tauro Turf pet friendly?

All our grasses here at Tauro Turf are pet friendly and we find that dogs love to run and play on our grass. To keep your synthetic turf smelling fresh, it can be hosed down when used by pets for toileting. You might find that water alone is adequate over the cooler, wetter months to wash away pet urine.

To eliminate any pet odour that persists during summer months we recommend a product that we stock called Turfresh. Turfresh helps break down the urine crystals that form and cause odour, while being non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable for both children and animals. We recommend using Turfresh once a fortnight during the warmer months. The quantity and frequency of use will depend on the size of your area and number of dogs. The bottle of Turfresh attaches to any garden hose for easy spray application. Along with using this product, frequent watering, particularly at the time the urine is deposited will further eliminate any odours and leave your lawn smelling clean and fresh.

Can I drive on artificial grass?

Many wonder if they are able to drive on artificial grass. To prevent damage, we recommend avoiding this. Your artificial grass may buckle and dent with minor turning of your vehicle as it’s not designed to withstand large weights.

How do I cool my artificial grass down?

Like many outdoor surfaces, artificial grass in direct sunlight on a very hot day may become uncomfortably warm to stand on. However, any areas that are shaded, should stay nice and comfortable. If you want to use your area bare foot on a hot day you can give it a very light sprinkle of water with the hose to cool it instantly.