Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

All our grasses here at Tauro Turf are pet friendly and we find that dogs love to run and play on our grass. Artificial turf is safe for children and pets as it is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pets

There are many benefits of artificial grass for people with pets, making it a very popular option. Artificial grass significantly decreases the amount of dirt in a garden which means that your pets can’t make nearly as much mess as with real grass. As there is little mud and dirt, your dog stays cleaner while still having the freedom to play outside.

Synthetic turf can also reduce the risk of your dog getting ticks and fleas. This is because artificial turf deters ticks and fleas unlike real grass. Another great benefit of artificial grass is that you don’t need fertilisers and pesticides, giving your pets even more safety from these toxins.

Good quality artificial grass like Tauro Turf is tough and durable. Animals often dig holes and make a mess of real grass, but with the durability of synthetic turf you will notice less mess. Pets are less likely to dig up and ruin your artificial turf, therefore maintaining the flawless look of your yard.

Another great benefit of artificial turf is that there will be no painful prickles that could hurt your children or animals. Often with real grass, prickles grow and when stepped on can be painful. They also can get caught in your pets paws and later be dragged around the house. Artificial turf avoids this by providing a comfortable and soft area for children and animals to play and enjoy.

Overall children and pets love to play on our Tauro Turf as it is soft, comfortable and doesn’t scratch.

How to clean the grass after use by pets?

Urine on real grass can often cause stained spots and damage, impacting the overall appearance. When installing artificial grass, you won’t have this same problem as pet urine can be washed away and cleaned with ease. The drainage holes on the backing of the turf means that urine and water can be drained through, without settling on the surface of the turf.

How to keep my grass smelling fresh?

To keep your synthetic turf smelling fresh, it can be hosed down when used by pets for toileting. You might find that water alone is adequate over the cooler, wetter months to wash away pet urine.

To eliminate any pet odour that persists during summer months we recommend a product that we stock called Turfresh. Turfresh helps break down the urine crystals that form and cause odour, while being non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable for both children and animals.

We recommend using Turfresh once a fortnight during the warmer months. The quantity and frequency of use will depend on the size of your area and number of dogs. The bottle of Turfresh attaches to any garden hose for easy spray application. Along with using this product, frequent watering, particularly at the time the urine is deposited will further eliminate any odours and leave your lawn smelling clean and fresh.