Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?

Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?

Like many outdoor surfaces, artificial grass in direct sunlight, on a very hot day may become uncomfortably warm to stand on. However, any areas that are shaded, should stay nice and comfortable. Although it can get warm in the sun, synthetic grass does not absorb heat as much as other materials, such as concrete and will never be hot enough to burn you.

Here at Tauro Turf our grasses are especially designed for the hot climate we get in Western Australia.

How do I cool my grass down?

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your grass stays cool in the hot summer months.  If you want to use your area bare foot on a hot day and notice that the grass is a bit warm, you can give it a very light sprinkle of water with the hose to cool it instantly.

You will find that shaded areas keep the grass very cool. Only when the grass is in direct sunlight for long periods of time, on a really hot day, will you find that it will be a little warm.

Does quality matter?

It is important to choose a grass that is of good quality. Here at Tauro Turf, we supply high quality artificial grass that has been designed to keep itself cool in the heat. Careful consideration has been made concerning the pile height and thickness, as well as the curly thatch layer. A thicker landscape turf will better disperse the heat and keep the grass cooler. If you would like to see our outdoor grass display and feel the temperature for yourself, come to our showroom.

Infill Sand

What is infill sand?

Once the grass has been laid a layer of infill sand, such as silica sand, is spread over the top of brushed up artificial grass. The sand settles to the bottom of the grass blades and sits on top of the backing. It doesn’t change the appearance of your grass when it is evenly applied, and it won’t make the grass dirty. Additionally, the sand won’t transfer to your feet when the grass is walked on, neither will it blow away.

What is the purpose of infill sand?

Using infill sand on top of your grass will help to cool it down. When infill sand is used it sits on top of the backing of the grass, protecting the surface from the sun. The surface of the backing is the part of the artificial turf that absorbs the most heat so when adding sand to the backing it works to cool the entire surface of the grass.