Different Types of Grass Blades

Different Types of Grass Blades

Blade shape is part of what makes artificial grass look natural. Different grass blades allow the grass to spring back quicker, absorb shine and remain cooler on warmer days. Here at Tauro Turf we offer a selection of grass blade shapes teamed with different colours and thatches to satisfy every customer. All of our grasses are designed in-house to suit the Western Australian climate making our range WA’s most realistic artificial grass.

Jumbuck 35mm W-Shape Grass Blades

W-shape blades

Our W-shape grass blades are the most common grass that we stock in our showroom. This is because W-shape blades do not retain the same amount of heat as other grass blade shapes making it perfect for the WA climate. Grasses in the Tauro Turf range that have W-shape blades are Prima-Natural 35mm, Ultra-Natural 35mm and Jumbuck 35mm.

Viridian 35mm C-Shape Grass Blades

C-shape blades

Our C-shape grass blades offer the most durable type of grass blade on the market. The C-shape allows the grass to be flexible underfoot. These types of blades also allow for a softer finish and prevents matting of the grass in high traffic areas. The grass in the Tauro Turf range that has C-shape blades is Viridian 35mm.

Buff Leaf 35mm Spine-Shape Grass Blades

Spine-shape blades

Our Spine-Shaped blades look more like natural grass compared to flatter blade shapes. This is due to the reduced flat surface area. Spine-Shaped blades absorb more light that flat shaped blades meaning the sheen of the grass is lowered. The grass in the Tauro Turf range that has Spine-shape blades is Buff Leaf 35mm.

Crinkle-Cut-Shape Blades

Like W-shape blades the Crinkle cut-shape blades disperse heat for a cooler lawn and prove durable in high traffic areas.

TuffLux 35mm Mixed Grass Blade Shapes

Mixed blade shapes

Our TuffLux 35mm Tauro Turf offers mixed blade shapes and widths. It includes Straight-shape blades, Spine-shape blades and Crinkle cut-shape blades. The mix of different grass blade shapes allows for TuffLux 35mm to create a more realistic appearance.

Thatch also plays a part in the way grass blade looks and perform. We offer two different types of thatch; short and long. Prima-Natural 35mm, Ultra-Natural 35mm, Viridian 35mm and Buff Leaf 35mm include a short thatch. Short thatch supports the blade at the bottom and further stops the back from being exposed. This allows the grass to perform well in high traffic areas and stay cool with the help of the infill silica sand.  TuffLux 35mm and Jumbuck 35mm include a tall thatch that is not as curly. The thatch is more visible from the top and supports the entire length of the straight grass blades.  This allows the grass to be bouncy and look more natural. Both style thatches are designed in house to benefit the grass blade shape.

The different types of grass blades allow for a natural and realistic finish when artificial grass is installed. Choosing which artificial grass to go for can be confusing however choosing an artificial grass with Tauro Turf is made easy by the knowledge our team have. We can help you select the best grass for you and your home. Get in contact with us today for a free quote.