7 year Manufacturers Warranty

The Product is covered by a 7 year warranty.
All warranty queries will be handled by Tauro Turf.
Please retain proof of purchase.

PRODUCT: Prima-Natural, Ultra-Natural, Viridian, Jumbuck, TuffLux, or Buff Leaf synthetic turf, where installed over cracker dust substrate and kiln-dried silica sand infill has been distributed over the top to cover the backing.

CUSTOMER: The person or persons that the Product was purchased by or on behalf of.

INSTALLED BY TAURO TURF: Invoice for installation was issued by Tauro Turf or Perth Trade Centre. Installation can be carried out by Tauro Turf employees or sub-contractors. Installed by Tauro Turf does not include third party contractors engaged to carry out installation, even where the contractor has been recommended by Tauro Turf.

The 7 year warranty period is for residential use of your Tauro Turf artificial grass. 

The warranty covers the Product against unnatural or excessive wear, manufacturers defect, and damage or noticeable fading caused by natural ambient temperature and UV light. 

Tauro Turf will choose to repair or replace the affected area or issue a refund for the amount paid. 

The warranty does not cover: 

  • General wear and tear.
  • Damage from chemicals used on the Product.
  • Damage caused by pets.
  • Damage from footwear such as heels and studded shoes/ metal cleats.
  • Damage from an unnatural heat source such as a fire pit, barbeque, radiant heat from metal structures, or from sun magnification.
  • Damage caused by use of infill other than the recommended kiln-dried silica sand. 
  • Damage or wear from vehicles driving on or parking on the Product.
  • Other materials such as cracker dust substrate.
  • Colour variation between batches during manufacture.
  • Damage from improper installation unless the Product is Installed by Tauro Turf.
  • Removal or disposal of the Product unless Installed by Tauro Turf.
  • Installation of the replacement Product unless Tauro Turf was paid for the installation of the Product initially.
  • Change of mind, or incorrect Customer measurements.

The warranty is non-transferable. If a replacement product is supplied, the remainder of the 7 year warranty period will be applied to the replacement Product.

Our Range of Artificial Grass
Designed for Western Australia

Prima-Natural 35mm

Ultra-Natural 35mm

Viridian 35mm

Jumbuck 35mm

TuffLux 35mm

Buff Leaf 35mm