Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?

This question is asked by a lot of our customers when inquiring about artificial grass. Like many other outdoor surfaces, if artificial grass is in direct sunlight it can become quite warm. However, it will only become uncomfortably warm in direct sunlight, so if you install your grass in part or full shade it will stay at a comfortable temperature. To help put it into perspective, artificial grass will get warmer than natural grass, but certainly not as uncomfortable as paving, bring sand etc. And although it gets warmer than natural grass, there are ways to combat the temperature and keep it just as cool and natural grass.

Don’t let this deter you! There are many easy ways to reduce the heat of artificial grass or even eliminate it completely. When we install artificial grass, the final step is to evenly apply sand infill (kiln-dried silica). We do this because it has many benefits, including keeping the grass cool. Infill sand regulates the grass temperature and reflects the sun, and therefore keeps the grass at a cooler temperature. This is super easy for anyone to do by cutting holes into the bottom of the bag (we sell 25kg bags for $9.90!) and then evenly apply over the grass.

Another simple way to keep grass cool, especially in the summer months, is to use sprinklers or hose down the grass. This quickly cools down the grass effectively, just give it a spray whenever you notice it’s getting too hot. You could also install a retractable awning, shade umbrella or shade sail to keep the grass shady, although this isn’t usually necessary.