The Tools You Need to Install Artificial Grass Yourself

Some people ask “Can I install artificial grass myself?”, and the answer is YES of course, and it is easier than it looks if you have time and all the right tools!

You will need a tool to remove the dirt and soil so you can put in cracker dust. Depending on how large your area is, you can use a shovel and do it by hand, or if you have a larger area then we would use an excavation machine (you can hire a machine or handy man). Now, you need to ensure the soil is level before laying the cracker dust because this will give the best results! To do this we would use a soil leveller, but the back of a rake you more likely to have at home will also do the trick. The last tool that is essential to preparing the base is a plate compactor which, again, can also be hired. This machine compacts the cracker dust thoroughly and evenly! Check out our blog post on cracker dust.

Once the area is prepared you are going to need a Stanley knife, and if you don’t have one already don’t worry- we sell them for $5.50! Simply use the Stanley knife to cut the artificial grass and then use a hammer to peg the perimeter of the grass onto the cracker dust. For more information on how to cut and join artificial grass check out our blog post on it here. To get your grass looking nice and fluffy, we recommend using a stiff bristled broom to brush the grass up. Alternatively, you can use a power broom to get those larger areas done faster.

Finally, you will need a tool to evenly spread the infill sand over the grass. Although a drop spreader is most effective in distributing the sand evenly, its unlikely you have one lying around at home. So, cutting slits into the bottom of the bag will also get the job done!

It is easier than it looks, and simple to achieve the effect of realistic artificial grass when you have all the right tools. We also more information in our installation guide, or have a chat with our friendly team!

Artificial Grass Installation