Artificial grass is a fantastic low-maintenance option to add a green space to your landscape.

A lot of customers ask about keeping their synthetic turf in top condition. There isn’t much to do, but here are some of our most commonly asked questions for artificial grass maintenance.

How do I clean my grass?

Artificial grass is easy to keep clean. Occasionally debris will land on your turf from nearby overhanging trees or general use. Removing debris regularly with a rake, leaf blower or by hand is highly recommended to keep your grass looking brand new.

Can my 4-legged friend enjoy Tauro Turf too?

Yes, all of our grasses are pet friendly. To keep your synthetic turf smelling fresh, it can be hosed down when used by pets for toileting. You might find that water alone is adequate over the cooler, wetter months to wash away pet urine.

To eliminate any pet odour that persists during summer months we recommend you use Turfresh. Turfresh is a non-toxic, biodegradable pet-friendly artificial grass cleaner. It acts by breaking down the dried urine crystals.  We recommend you use Turfresh once a fortnight during the warmer months. The quantity and frequency of use will depend on the size of your area and number of dogs (as well as the size of your dogs!) The bottle of Turfresh attaches to any garden hose for easy spray application. Couple the application with frequent watering, particularly at the time the urine is deposited will further eliminate any odours and leave your lawn smelling clean and fresh.

Will weeds grow through my Tauro Turf?

Installation of artificial grass dramatically reduces weeds in any area. The latex backing of the artificial grass is effective in stopping weeds coming through. An enthusiastic weed might find it’s way up through one of the drainage holes punched in the backing of the turf. You may also find weeds pop up around the perimeter of the area. Weeds can be removed by hand. Alternatively, a Glyphosate product such as RoundUp prevents weeds from making the proteins they need to grow and it will not damage your artificial grass.

How do I cool my artificial grass down?

Like many outdoor surfaces, artificial grass in direct sunlight on a very hot day may become uncomfortably warm to stand on. Direct sunlight will warm up your synthetic turf. However, any areas in part or full shade, even mottled shade, should stay nice and comfortable. If you want to use your area bare footed on a hot day you can give it a very light sprinkle of water with the hose to cool it instantly.

Does my Tauro Turf need any maintenance?

Our Tauro Turf does not need any maintenance and comes with a 7-year warranty. However, regularly removing debris and brushing the grass up will keep your grass looking like new.