Cracker dust

Cracker dust, also known as crusher dust or blue metal dust, is available from select landscape yards around Perth. You will need to add a layer of compacted cracker dust as a substrate when installing artificial grass over sand. This stops movement underneath the artificial grass which would otherwise cause bumps. The cracker dust also provides a firm base to hold in your turf pegs.

Turf pegs

U-shape turf pegs are hammered in around the perimeter of the artificial grass. This stops the edges of the grass from being scuffed up or tripped over. They can also be placed along joins and randomly through the middle of your artificial grass.

Joining Tape

Self-adhesive joining tape is used to join two pieces of artificial grass. The rolls of grass are available in fixed width sizes. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to join two or more pieces together to fit your area. The tape is 150mm wide and is used along the length of any joining pieces of artificial grass.

Artificial grass infill sand

Infill sand (kiln-dried silica) is installed on top of your artificial grass once installed. The infill sand helps your artificial grass blades to stay standing upright. It also covers the backing of the grass, protecting it from the sun. As well as protecting the backing, it also keeps the artificial grass cooler in summer and weighs down the grass. Bags of infill sand are 25kg.


Some projects require garden edging or borders to be put into place before artificial grass can be installed. Consider your area and what is in place to contain the cracker dust.