To install your artificial grass, you will need tools for distributing and levelling your cracker dust base, as well as the use of a compactor to compact your cracker dust. Depending on how much soil you need to remove from the area prior to adding your cracker dust substrate, you may choose to dig out your area by hand, use a machine to excavate the area, or pay someone to excavate for you.

When your area is prepared, you will need a Stanley knife/ box cutter to cut in your artificial grass and a hammer to hammer in the turf pegs around the perimeter of your turf (where installing onto cracker dust).

You can use a stiff bristled garden broom to brush up your artificial grass or a power broom to make light work of standing up your grass blades. Artificial grass infill sand can be distributed by cutting slits in the bottom of the sand bag, or alternatively a drop spreader can be used for easy, even distribution.

See our DIY guide for more information, or chat with us.